Abu Dhabi Arzanah oil field development, Field Master Plans
Albania Oil storage study, confidential expert witness report
Algeria Gas reform workshop, expert witness report
Argentina Field re-development studies
Australia Evaluation of Talisman oil discovery, advice on offshore oil and gas tax dispute
Austria Refinery study
Belarus National energy strategy
Belgium Gas competition studies, refinery study
Bosnia-Herzegovina Gas marketing studies, oil storage study
Brunei Seismic arbitration
Cameroon LPG and condensate marketing study
Cape Verde Oil storage study
Colombia Evaluation of non-conventional hydrocarbon resources
Croatia Gas marketing studies, development of oil and gas tariff system, oil storage study
Cyprus Gas reform workshop
Czech Republic Gas prospect commerciality study, review of exploration licence
Dubai Gas competition studies
Egypt Gas reform workshop, gas pipeline tender documentation, oilfield evaluation
Estonia Oil and oil product export study
FYR of Macedonia Oil storage study
Finland Refinery study
France Gas marketing studies, refinery study, gas storage due diligence
Gabon Evaluations
Georgia Negotiations, oil and oil product export study, oil storage study
Germany Gas competition studies, refinery study, oil storage evaluation, unconventional oil and gas assessment
Ghana Gas master plan
Honduras Building hydrocarbon capacity
Hungary EA crude stocks evaluation, unconventional oil and gas review, fuel marking study, expert witness report
Indonesia Oil field development, training, gas development master plan
Iraq Pipeline development dispute, petrochemical plant refurbishment
Ireland Field development and gas regulatory support, gas distribution tariffs, refinery study, upstream gas development support, determine value of storage facility
Israel Gas reform workshop, advice on gas transmission & distribution, LNG pre-feasibility study, advice on Tamar gas field development, advice to government committee on gas exports, advise government on future policy for its gas discoveries
Italy Gas competition studies, refinery study, gas field development
Ivory Coast Independent reserves report
Jordan Gas reform workshop, exploration review, tight gas study
Kazakhstan Expert witness oil field, review of gas condensate field development
Kenya PG supply/demand and preliminary design of import infrastructure, oil and gas exploration terms review, update of PDCs LPG study of 2004, petroleum institutions review
Kyrgyzstan Refinery sale, due diligence fuel company
Lebanon Gas reform workshop, gas supply study, refinery study
Libya En Naga oil field development studies
Lithuania National energy strategy, review of field performance and long-term testing
Malaysia Evaluations
Malta Gas reform workshop
Mauritius Confidential expert witness case
Moldova Oil storage study
Mongolia Due diligence petrol station network and storage facilities
Montenegro Economic & market studies, oil storage study
Morocco Gas reform workshop
Mozambique Developed license terms, due diligence of Pande and Temane gas field expansion
Netherlands Gas developments, refinery study
New Zealand Exploration support
Nigeria Oil developments, LPG storage facility privatisation, oilfield evaluation, DD of onshore acreage, expert witness case
Norway Heimdal gas field development, drilling company due diligence, confidential expert witness case
Oman Gas market study
Pakistan Gas storage evaluation, gas transmission and distribution capital evaluation and benchmarking
Palestine Gas reform workshop
Papua New Guinea Development study of onshore gas discoveries for floating LNG plant
Peru Assessment of gas services and resources, expert witness case
Poland Gas marketing studies, World Bank gas study, gas development study, unconventional oil and gas study
Portugal Refinery study
Qatar Gas marketing studies, expert witness case
Romania Privatisation and development studies, World Bank gas study, onshore gas field development, reservoir engineering support
Russia Energy strategy, evaluations, development studies, gas liberalisation, oil and oil product export studies, due diligence LPG recovery plant, gas field due diligence
Saudi Arabia Petrochemical market study, drilling company due diligence, natural gas and LPG distribution regulation, confidential expert witness case
Serbia Gas marketing studies, WB gas study, least cost electricity project, oil storage study
Sharjah Evaluations
Sierra Leone Market study and financial model for a proposed refinery
Slovak Republic Evaluation of gas supply for power station
Slovenia Evaluation of tight gas field
South Africa Review of performance of oil and gas transportation company
Spain Gas development studies, refinery study
Sudan Development of license terms, oilfield interest dispute
Sweden Confidential expert witness case, refinery study, reserves report
Syria Gas reform workshop
Tanzania Assistance in developing bulk petroleum purchasing, development study for national gas transportation system, confidential expert witness case
Tunisia Evaluations, gas reform workshop
Turkey Gas security studies for power generation, gas reform workshop, oil storage study
Turkmenistan Expert witness report on oil & gas license appplication
UK Development studies, marketing studies, evaluations, gas regulation, refinery study, gas transportation disputes, oil storage due diligence, gas storage due diligence, CBM evaluation, deep underground storage study, due diligence of oil field, confidential expert witness cases
UNMIK Oil storage study
Uganda Downstream oil product pricing and quality regulation
Ukraine Gas restructuring, evaluations, gas auctions, oil storage study
Yemen Confidential expert witness case