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PDC Reservoir Engineering Services

PDC’s reservoir engineers are integral to the projects we undertake. The knowledge and experience of our reservoir engineers connecting subsurface and topside engineering activities to bring oil and gas from reservoir to the surface in a safe, economical and environmentally friendly manner.

Reservoir Simulation

PDC has access to industry standard software as Eclipse suite and we constantly ensure that our petroleum engineers are up to date with the latest techniques to produce work of the highest quality.

Test and Analysis

Our reservoir engineers can perform a variety of tests and analysis designed to bring greater clarity to reservoir characteristics. These include well test and production log analysis or material balance modelling.

EOR and Production Enhancement

Over recent years, PDC has been involved in projects which have required the use of Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) techniques.

At PDC we have some of the most experienced and knowledgeable EOR experts who have used these techniques to enhance oil and gas production from a field.

We have knowledge of implementing EOR techniques such as microbial EOR, CO2 injection and WAG (water alternating gas).

Commercial Evaluations

Reserves estimations, decline analysis and production forecasting all have a large reservoir engineering component. We have conducted a number of studies where reserves have been calculated. Using our vast knowledge and experience we are now aiming to offer our services as a competent person.