Das Island
Offshore Zakum Field
Project Meeting - Umm Shaiff Field
Shotblasting at Zakum Field
Zakum Field
Zakum Gas Injection Facility



Case Study: Increasing Production Offshore Abu Dhabi

PDC is an active supporter of the Society of Petroleum Engineers and discussions with a major Abu Dhabi offshore producer in an SPE discussion forum led to the award of a large contract to prepare an overall Field Master Plan for the Abu Dhabi Marine Operating Company (ADMA-OPCO). PDC particularly wished to emphasise the importance of integrating the sub-surface reservoir constraints with the facility limitations. ADMA-OPCO was the operator of two super-giant oil fields offshore Abu Dhabi – Umm Shaif and Zakum which had been producing since the 1960’s.

The work started in 2004 and as often happens the work scope changed in that ADMA-OPCO decided that it would increase its production from 600,000 bopd to 1,000,000 bopd by developing a further four offshore fields. PDC incorporated these additional requirements into the work scope. PDC reviewed the existing Field Master Plan and made a number of recommendations on how the work should be carried out which were accepted by ADMA-OPCO.

In order to handle the large volumes of data that was required PDC had a full-time project co-ordinator located in Abu Dhabi. Visits were made to Das Island and the offshore facilities. Regular meetings were held with the Asset Management of the two producing fields to ensure that the Plan was acceptable to them.

The Field Master Plan incorporated a large amount of information on the fields which had been scattered throughout the Company. Project schedules using Microsoft Project were prepared for short, medium and long terms. Cost schedules were also provided for the short and medium term.

The work has now been incorporated into ADMA-OPCO Corporate Planning Procedures. The work was completed on time and on budget.

I believe it will be such a fantastic refreshment for the new senior management individuals whereby they will see almost everything in one document.
Mohsen Al-Kindi, ADMA-OPCO